The Market

Satisfying a fairly defined, or niche, market comprised of Systems Integrators, security consultants, corporations with an excess of 1,000 end-users and various other potential partners Exact Identity delivers positive results across the board.

Exact Identity has two main channels for the solutions’ distribution. Within the Microsoft ecosystem we have a significant and talented group of SI partners with vast infrastructure and security practices that cover active directory deployments, as well as access management. The company also works very closely with the larger enterprise SI’s to satisfy organizations with more complex environments and needs.

With the growing importance of compliance and adherence regulations in regards to Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and ISO 17799 audits, Exact Identity has also found it to be important and beneficial to work with compliance auditors and organizations that are expert in these areas.

A tertiary channel would be any cloud SI that is integrating SaaS solutions into the corporate environment and needs to facilitate smaller projects.

Typical users and industries Exact Identity works with include corporate IT decision makers in the field of Audit, Banking, Finance and Insurance.