The Exact Identity Solution is an Identity Synchronization Simulation (ISS) solution.  The product enables systems integrators (SIs), audit and security consultants to analyze and simulate what the actual outcome of synchronizing multiple access repositories might be, where potential issues are and provides fix files that can be run to correct any issues prior to synchronization.

In its truest form, Exact Identity provides Identity Management (IDM) data integration simulation, which delivers information on the given system if the data were to flow based on authoritative data sources defined by business rules. If issues are present, Exact Identity’s proprietary technology immediately generates error reports and data “fix” files, such as LDIF for LDAP/Active Directory/eDirectory and XML/CSV for database. Exact Identity also creates reports detailing the bad data, including basic issues such as duplicate identities, data inconsistencies, orphaned accounts and non-functional accounts that are deemed out of scope. All data is included in each report and include all the vital statistics that were gathered.