Welcome to the Exact Identity Partner Center where you have 24/7 access to knowledge and expertise that will help you manage your Identity Synchronization Simulation needs. Learn how to accelerate measurable returns from Exact Identity’s solutions. Find out how Exact Identity clients are reaching new heights in profitability while enhancing their customers’ experience. Select from a collection of different resources for insights and advice from your peers and from Identity Synchronization Simulation experts.

Exact Identity works with an eco-system of partners including Systems Integrators, security consultants and corporate end users, typically in excess of 1,000 users. These are typically the partners and users that will benefit the most from working with Exact Identity, especially across any active directory deployment.

If you’re interested in more information on Exact Identity’s Partner Program or if you are interested in becoming a Preferred Exact Identity Partner, please e-mail or call +64 275 66 88 17

Our Partners Include: