Exact Identity Streamlines Data Processes, Increases Revenues With XID

Unique Identity Management (IDM) solution enables its clients to easily streamline their data and transform their businesses to achieve new sources of revenue, profits, competitive differentiation and customer loyalty.

Toronto – July 9, 2012 – Exact Identity, a world-class software solution provider for Identity Synchronization Simulation (ISS) and IDM, today announced the general availability of its initial solution offering, XID, at this year’s Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference 2012 UK Hub taking place July 8 – July 13 at the Toronto Metro Convention Center in Toronto, Canada.

“Globalization and competitive pressures are forcing leading companies to differentiate themselves not only on product and service strengths, but more importantly on how they access, manage and ultimately use data,’’ says Juha Harkonen, Regional Partner – Southeast U.S. for The York Group. “This evolving market dynamic is driving savvy organizations to search for technology platforms that can quickly and dramatically improve worldwide operations. The management team at Exact Identity has a proven track record of delivering dramatic value through product and service deployments with market-leading clients. This, coupled with the global reach of the company, has uniquely positioned Exact Identity to consistently exceed the critical needs of their clients and partners.”

The results generated by Exact Identity are virtually IMMEDIATE, with even large repositories only taking a matter of hours to run.  For example, a synchronization that could potentially take months to prepare and run can be executed immediately, with the error and anomaly reports instantly available.  Exact Identity’s business model sees a client only paying when XID finds an issue with the data.  Should a client’s data be assured and ready, there will be no errors based upon their own business rules.  If, however, errors are apparent, the client will only pay for the files, or data, that need(s) to be remedied, helping the SI by leading the BS’s and technical team to the actual source of the issue(s). The report provides the information about what data could possibly be compromised. On a large integration project with other available solutions, this process alone could take months, or at a worst-case scenario lead to a catastrophic system failure. Exact Identity ensures that these scenarios do not occur.

“The launch of XID is the result of more than 10 years working on and solving very complex and challenging data repository issues in the ISS and IDM industries,” says Exact Identity Co-Founder Daren Roberts. “EID is unique and is definitely a leading organization and pioneer in the growing and important IDM market.  The solution addresses both the technical and functional aspects of IDM, ultimately enabling our clients to very quickly and significantly streamline their data management processes increase revenues and separate their organizations from the competition.”

The uniqueness of the XID solution, is that the product is scalable, it runs off an executable file, delivers across multiple repositories and the “piece de resistance” is that XID is presently one of the best solutions that allows for business rules to be injected into the integration simulation.

“XID is the foundation of our strong commitment to better serve our rapidly growing client base, and will enable us to more effectively capitalize on the many global opportunities in front of us,” says Roberts. “Our operational infrastructure now mirrors the truly global nature of our platform, which is a single instance, multi-language application that addresses the needs of all stakeholders across all locations in the extended, worldwide business network.”

Completing the offering is the opportunity to purchase fix-files, which enable the client to address issues with their systems based on the information provided by XID, saving days, weeks and potentially months of business analyst and technical team time in conventional investigation and repair. The reports generated by XID provide detailed information about what data could possibly be compromised and what should be done about it – and how.

Exact Identity is expected to rapidly expand over the next 12 to 24 months,” Roberts said.

About Exact Identity
Exact Identity, a world-class software solution provider for Identity Synchronization Simulation (ISS) and IDM. The company services leading organizations worldwide. For more information, please visit www.exactidentity.com, write to info@exactidentity.com or call +64 275 66 88 17.

Peter Nilsson
Performance Public Relations

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